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1. HELIBRAVO III- Turismo ltd., owner of “LISBON HELICOPTERS”, is an affiliate of HELIBRAVO-AVIAÇÃO ltd., of the SODARCA Group.

2. HELIBRAVO III-TURISMO ltd.is headquartered at the Municipal Aerodrome of Cascais, Hangar 8, S. Domingos de Rana, 2785-632. The heliport, “João Maria Bravo”, is located in Algés.

3. HELIBRAVO-AVIAÇÃO ltd., is a holder of the Certificado de Operador Aéreo (Aerial Operator Certificate) for commercial transport operations issued by ANAC (N.º PT-01/94/68). All LISBON HELICOPTERS flights are operated by HELIBRAVO-AVIAÇÃO ltd. and pilots authorised by the company.

4. By embarking on to the helicopter, passengers of 18 years of age or older agree with the terms and conditions available at www.lisbonhelicopters.com/loja or at our heliport facilities in Algés.

5. Passengers under 18 years of age are not allowed to board the vehicle if their legal guardian or an adult do not accompany them. In the case of boarding the vehicle with passengers under 18 years of age, the legal guardian or responsible adult must submit a completed and signed liability form (provided by Lisbon Helicopters).

6. Passengers younger or older than 18 years of age must carry identification documents with a photograph.

7. The advertised route duration times may vary depending on weather conditions and unforeseen events.

8. LISBON HELICOPTERS and its operators reserve the right to amend, cancel, delay or reschedule any and all flights/experiences due to temporary restrictions off light, unfavourable weather conditions, operational and technical difficulties.

9. Flights and experiences may require a minimum quantity of passengers.

10. All passengers must attend an additional security briefing before boarding the helicopter.

11. A passenger’s weigh tlimit is 125kg, and themaximum total weigh tallowed is 235kg per helicopter, up to 3 people. LISBON HELICOPTERS reserves the right to weigh the passengers prior to the flight, for flight capacity reasons.

12. Children cannot fly in the helicopter on the lap of an adult. All children must be at least 2 years of age and have sufficient height to be safely fastened to fly. Children under the age of 2 are prohibited from flying.

13. Passengers under the influence of alcohol and/or psychotropic drugs will not be permitted to fly and forced to leave the heliport.

14. LISBON HELICOPTERS and its collaborators reserve the right to judge all passengers as unfit or unsafe to fly.

15. Smoking is prohibited at the heliport and in the helicopter.

16. Prices, availability, experiences and touristic routes can be subject to change without prior warning.

17. At the time of the flight/experience, all the relevant information required for the flight will be confirmed by LISBON HELICOPTER collaborators.


18. Authorised payment methods include: cash, bank transfer, debit and credit card. Payments must be completed before hand.

19. Experiences and flights can not be rescheduled within 24 hours of the scheduled flight time.

20. Flights and/or experiences rescheduled between 48 to 24 hours before the scheduled flight time, incur a €25.00 rescheduling fee per person.
21. Flights and experiences can be rescheduled free of charge up to 48 hours before the scheduled flight and/or experience.

22. The rescheduling is subject to LISBON HELICOPTERS operational availability.

23. Failure to attend a scheduled flight and/or experience without 24-hour notice results in the cancellation of the reservation without reimbursement or the possibility to reschedule to a later date.

24. LISBON HELICOPTERS reserves the right to reschedule or cancel all flights without prior notice if passengers are not present in the building 15 minutes before the scheduled flight and/or experience.

25. Purchased flights/experiences are not, in any circumstance, refundable. RESPONSIBILITIES

26. LISBON HELICOPTERS is not responsible for lost/stolen objects in its facilities.

27. Flights and/or experiences may include elements of risk. LISBON HELICOPTERS does not assume any responsibility for damages taken place in its facilities.

28. If the helicopter is equipped with pop-out floaters, ´to avoid potential damage, please don´t step on the helicopters kids.

29. Passengers are responsible for any of the damages caused to LISBON HELICOPTERS‘equipment and facilities through negligent, imprudent, or intentional behaviour. This includes equipment belonging to a third party, such as the aircraft and others.

30. By boarding the aircraft, the passenger is agreeing to the rules and warnings stipulated in the terms and conditions and following all orders given by LISBON HELICOPTERS collaborators.

31. By boarding the passengers declare that they do not have any physical, medical and/or mental disabilities or limitations which limit or prohibit the execution of the LISBON HELICOPTERS experience or flight.

SAFETY 32. Passengers are prohibited transporting objects which are deemed too large. LISBON HELICOPTERS reserves the right to use its own criteria in determining if an object may or may not embark on the helicopter. It is the passenger’s responsibility to leave their personal belongings in a safe place. LISBON HELICOPTERS is not responsible for the passenger’s belongings.

33. Passengers may not carry weapons of any kind, including but not limited to: firearms, knives, mechanic tools, certain sports articles, sharp objects which could cause bodily harm, compressed gasses, flammable materials, explosives, magnets, poison, acids, radioactive materials, and drugs; into the facilities or aircraft.

34. Passengers must comply to any directives given by LISBON HELICOPTERS and its staff. 35. Smoking is prohibited on all flights. Smoking in the helicopteris forbidden and punishable by law.

36. Passengers may not use flash photography. Passengers must ensure all flash devices are turned off.

37. Passengers are responsible for the security of all their belongings.

38. Passengers are prohibited from interfering with the duties of the pilot during the flight.

39. Passengers are prohibited from unfastening the seat belts or opening the helicopter door during theflight unless in case of emergency or when requested by the pilot or his team.